Leonards Hardware, Laingsburg, Michigan Leonards Best Hardware



   271 East Grand River Ave.        
 Laingsburg, MI  48848              
   Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm
Phone:(517)651-5477                               Saturday  9am-5pm
Fax:(517)651-8127                                     Sunday   10am-2pm
Email: LeonardsHardware@gmail.com

Leonards BEST Hardware is located on the corner of Grand River & Woodhull in Laingsburg, MI.

If it needs fixing or cleaning, we have the supplies you need!

close up of roll of screen Screen & window repair station

140425_8431Bring your screens & windows for repair.


 Garden Seeds 140405_7807




Besco rack full of 5 gallon full drinking water jugs

 BESCO Drinking Water  

5 Gallons

$4.69 (+$6 deposit) 

Propane Tank Filling Station


Propane $0.83/Lb.

20# Tank fill approx. $16.60


· Hand Tools

· Wrenches & Socket Sets

· Power Tools

· Air Compressors and Air Tools

· Ladders & Scaffolding

· Hardware & Locksets

· Fasteners

· Valspar quality Paints & Cabot Wood Finishes 

Valspar Spray Paints Valspar Paints



Bring in the color you want and let us Match it in Valspar paint!

· Plumbing Fixtures & Parts

· Water Heaters  

· Tim’s Choice

Water Softener Systems   

· Heating

· Cooling

· Electrical Wiring & Parts

· Garage Door Openers

· Automotive

· Small Engine Batteries, Fluids & Parts

Red polyethylene 1.25 gallon gas can


· EPA approved Gas Cans

· Housewares

· Pool Treatment Chemicals

· Gas & Charcoal Grills

· Lawn & Garden

Quikrete concrete mixQuikrete: Sealers, Cleaners, Sand Blasting Sand, Pond Pebbles, River Rock, Mortar, Portland Cement, & Concrete Mixes

· Bulk Seed & Supplies

· Pet Foods 

Call us today: 1-517-651-5477

We can help you find what you need.


Keys Made while you wait
Custom Build Cables
Screen & Glass Repair
Chainsaw Blades Sharpened $4
Lawnmower Blades Sharpened $4


800 Lb. capacity Hand Cart for rent800 lb. capacity Appliance Dolly  $20/24 hr.  $12/8 hr.  $10/4 hr.
Lawn Roller  $15/8 hr.
T-Post Driver $10/24 hr.
Extraction Carpet Cleaner  $15/4 hr.  $20/8 hr.  $25/24 hr.

32 oz. Cleaning solutions

Extraction Cleaner $6.96

Traffic Lane Cleaner  $6.29

Defoamer $5.99

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