Leonards Hardware, Laingsburg, Michigan Leonards Best Hardware     

Leonards BEST Hardware

   271 East Grand River Ave.        
 Laingsburg, MI  48848              
                                                                    Mon.-Fri. 8am-7pm
Phone:(517)651-5477                               Saturday  9am-5pm
Fax:(517)651-8127                                     Sunday   10am-2pm

Email: LeonardsHardware@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeonardsHardware

Located on the corner of Grand River & Woodhull in downtown Laingsburg, Michigan.

We stock tools, hardware, insulation, building supplies, electrical, plumbing including fixtures, water softeners, softener salt, hot water heaters, Quikrete, Valspar paint, Cabot wood finishes, Lucas Oil products & pet food.

 If it needs fixing or cleaning, we have the supplies you need!

APS Rapid Set

Rapid Set Cold Pot Hole repair- no mixing, Ready to use.

Patch pot holes with Cold Patch!



Time for Spring Cleaning!

Carpet Cleaning Center Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning Rentals and related products by Nyco Power-Flite Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machine Powr-Flite Dryer rental





Carpet Cleaning Center 

Powr-Flite Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines & express Dryers rentals plus, Nyco Cleaning fluids and Protectant are here.

The Express Dryer is only an additional $15 when renting the Extraction Cleaning machine.


TIE BOSS now in stock!


 Screen & window repair

close up of roll of screen Screen & window repair station



Besco rack full of 5 gallon full drinking water jugs

BESCO Drinking Water  

5 Gallons

$4.69 (+$6 deposit) 



Propane Tank Filling Station  Propane 

20# Tank fill approx. $17.60

You will only pay for what we put in.


· Hand Tools

· Wrenches & Socket Sets

· Power Tools

· Air Compressors and Air Tools

· Ladders & Scaffolding

· Hardware & Locksets

· Fasteners

· Sikkens Wood Finishes

· Valspar quality Paints & Cabot Wood Finishes 

Valspar Spray Paints Valspar Paints


Bring in the color you want and let us Match it in Valspar paint!

· Plumbing Fixtures & Parts

· Water Heaters  

· Tim’s Choice

Water Softener Systems   

· Heating

· Cooling

· Electrical Wiring & Parts

· Garage Door Openers

· Automotive

· Small Engine Batteries, Fluids & Parts

Red polyethylene 1.25 gallon gas can

· EPA approved Gas Cans

· Housewares

· Pool Treatment Chemicals

· Lawn & Garden

Quikrete concrete mixQuikrete: Sealers, Cleaners, Sand Blasting Sand, Pond Pebbles, River Rock, Mortar, Portland Cement, & Concrete Mixes


· Pet Foods 

Call us today: 1-517-651-5477

We can help you find what you need.


Keys Made while you wait
Screen & Glass Repair
Chainsaw Blades Sharpened $4
Lawnmower Blades Sharpened $4


800 Lb. capacity Hand Cart for rent800 lb. capacity Appliance Dolly  

$20/24 hr.  $12/8 hr.  $10/4 hr.

Troy-Built rear tine tiller   $30/4 hr.   $50 /24 hr.

Lawn Roller  $15/8 hr.

T-Post Driver $10/24 hr.


Power Flite Extraction Carpet Cleaner  $19.96/4 hr.  $25.96/8 hr.  $34.96/24 hr.

Power Flite Power Dryer (Shorten dry time)  

Only $15 with Carpet Cleaner Rental   
Nyco Extraction Cleaner   Qt. $6.96     Gal. $16.69
          Combi-Clean $8.96   Qt. $8.69     Gal. $22.69
Pre Treat 32 oz. spray $8.79
          Carpet Spot & Stain 32 oz. spray $9.69
          Odor Eliminator 32 oz. spray $6.96
          Pet Odor & Stain Remover 32 oz. spray $9.96
          Carpet Protector 32 oz. spray $ 
          Defoamer 32 oz. $8.96
          Upholstry Cleaner 32 oz. $6.96

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